Nativalien & Simple Machines

Recorded, mixed and produced by Qais Khoury at Hot Soap Studios in Winter of 2023
Mastered by Samuel Wills
Release: Single ”Starlight”
Written by: Nativalien & Simple Machines

Canadian music artist and producer Nativalien’s debut release ‘Starlight’, releases in 2024. Having formerly graduated with a diploma in music production out of the electronic music driven Point Blank Music College in London, he has kept his work in electronic music under the radar since 2014. Naitvalien is better known for his work in the Indie and Alt Rock realm under the artist moniker Pinwheel Valley.

Simple Machines is the artist moniker of Algerian / Canadian music artist and multi-instrumentalist Amine Bouzaher. Amine has an excellent repertoire in both producing and performing acoustic and electronic music, having composed the music for wide ranging and diverse film content throughout Canada and the US.