Buzz’ Ayaz

Recorded and mixed by Makes Pelopidas with assistant engineer Andreas Matheou – at Hot Soap Studios in Summer of 2023.
Release: Single ”Zali”
Written by: Antonis Antoniou


Hailing from Cyprus’s divided capital Nicosia, this newly-born project led by Antonis Antoniou – founder of award-winning bands Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke – brings a fresh air of Eastern Mediterranean psychedelia, rock and blues.

A dynamic offbeat groove emitted from the tribal-like drumming and the fierce bass clarinet riffs produces a grimy trance-like reverie.

The result is a fuzzy urban soundscape of synth textures and dubby electronics, 70s psych organ allusions, growling reed utterances and microtonal Anatolian melodic spices.

Their debut album is expected to be released in August 2024 via  Glitterbeat Records.