Pinwheel Valley

Recorded, mixed and produced by Andreas Matheou, Qais Khoury & Sam Royo Varela at Hot Soap Studios in Winter of 2022
Mastered at CPS Mastering
Release: EP ”Willow”
Written by: Pinwheel Valley (formerly known as KAIS)
Cover Art by Alex Pap

Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pinwheel Valley (Qais Khoury) takes the complexities of the human condition as inspiration for his fusionist sound that sonically melds the realms of indie soul, neo psychedelic rock and folk. At the outset of his music career, he addressed global topics before turning his attention to the drab difficulties and profound beauty of being human and lyrically dipped into meta poetry.

Clash Magazine praised him for ‘working on different dimensions, pushing himself further and tapping into uncharted emotions.’ As a lover of the metaphysical, Pinwheel Valley’s work consists of finding balance between natural inclinations and the demands in an ego-driven late-stage capitalist world, and his wanderlust tendencies have seen him gracing global stages since the early 2000s as an independent artist. Since honing his craft in the early 2010s, he has been well-accoladed and featured in pivotal blogs such as ‘Music News’ and LA’s ‘Buzz’. 
In 2020, Pinwheel Valley joined the London Indie sync licensing roster, North Note, and in 2021 he was interviewed by BBC Radio London host Robert Elms for his seminal 2018 single, Take Me Home.

Currently, Pinwheel Valley works out of Hot Soap Studios, his personal and commercial recording studio in Cyprus, where he continues to hone his profoundly explorative music.

“In a time when it is impossible to hear anything but aggravated polarised opinions, Pinwheel Valley’s intellectually humanistic approach to music is the breath of fresh air that our souls are crying out for.” Amelia Vandergast – A&R Factory.